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A Frog Called Woânda is wondrous. The play, a collaborative production between Hexham based Théâtre Sans Frontières and Montreal company Théâtre À L'Envers, held its premiere in the Queen’s Hall, Hexham last week before its national tour. With the skilful use of performance, puppetry, shadow and live music, the company created a world where small people were invited to ask big questions about the world around them. The story was simple, yet full of surprising twists and turns. Laura, whose mother is ill, is being looked after by her grandfather. She drops her mother’s special ring down the bathroom sink, and when Woânda tries to help her find it, we encounter a story of love, loss and friendship. The audience, both young and not so young, were captivated throughout as the funny and touching narrative unfolded. Francine Dulong as Laura and John Cobb as her grandfather were a joy to watch. Puppeteer Patricia Bergeron brought Woânda skilfully to life, and musician Graham Raine created the breath of the production throughout. The use of shadows was a delight; they created a mystical atmosphere that allowed imaginations to fly. On tour, the play will be performed in simple French or English. It is suitable for children aged between 5 and 10 years, their families and friends. The play returns to the North-East at Hartlepool Town Hall Theatre on 21 October and Washington Arts Centre on 2 & 3 November. Hop along and catch it if you can. You won't be disappointed.  

Gibby Rainesaw the show at Queen's Hall Arts Centre, Hexham

Just watched an incredible performance of Heaven Eyes. Brilliant to find a piece of theatre aimed at older children, my 10 year old is nuts about acting and story telling. This play had it all and I'm sure will inspire my girl to follow her dreams too. Thanks guys, you're a super talented group of artists!  

Petra,Stamford about Heaven Eyes 2017

Excellent visual effects, acting superb | Extremely powerful - felt engaged and intrigued throughout | Brilliant production, fantastic scenery - very atmospheric. Loved the young actors. Fascinating talk afterwards. A most enjoyable evening all round | Imaginative use of film and set | A very well acted ensemble production of an interesting piece | Excellent story  

Audience comments, Alnwick Playhouse -about Heaven Eyes 2014

Le Mystère de St Denis - This was a fabulous play. I have never seen so much focus from the entire year group at once! The play has enthused the students and allowed them an entirely fresh perspective on French learning.

Teacher, Hexham Middle School

On Friday the 4th of October, many year 8 and 9s went on a trip to Hartlepool Town Hall theatre with three amazing teachers: Mme Craig, Mme Hughes and Mme Thomas, to watch "Le Moulin Magique". "Le Moulin Magique" (The Magic Windmill) was a theatre show performed in French by four extremely good actors. They all played a variety of parts and some also played instruments. They spoke entirely in French and involved us (the audience) a lot, to help with our French. We each had a booklet with a summary of the production, songs in French and English and all the vocabulary we needed. It was extremely funny and exciting. I loved it, because it was something different and it has helped me with my understanding of French. All the other pupils would definitely agree with me. It was so good, I would rate it at: *****

Elena, pupil, All Saints RC School, York

My friend and I thoroughly enjoyed Canary Gold. I really liked the social commentary on the credit crunch, but I also liked the fact that it wasn't too heavy because it was so funny in parts. From a personal perspective, I lived in Mallorca for 8 years when I was younger so it was also really nice to hear some native Spanish!

Audience member, Northern Stage, about Canary Gold

Just a note to say how much we enjoyed the performance of Canary Gold last night at The Wynd in Melrose.  It was such a lively evening with lovely touches of humour and the music added to the charm of the whole performance - it must be one of your best productions so far!  Thank you for a really good evening's entertainment.

Audience member, The Wynd, about Canary Gold

I work at Arts Centre Melbourne, and as such I was lucky enough to see your magnificent show twice - both your opening performance on Saturday the 4th and your closing performance on Sunday the 12th. I can't tell you how satisfying the last week has been - speaking to excited patrons before the show, discussing the story during the intervals, dissecting everything after the completion of the performance. During the week we had dozens of people coming in asking "So what is this Lipsynch thing every one is talking about?"   It was my sincere pleasure to rave about your show, to convince them to buy tickets, and to see them again post-performance and see the tears in their eyes. You symbolise all that is great about theatre, and you made this the best week I have ever had at work. Thank you, grazie mille,  

Hannah, about Lipsynch

The performance and workshops were brilliant. Children were commenting during their lunch how much they enjoyed the workshops.  

Teacher, Stretford High School about La Chanson du Retour

Brilliantly inventive staging, movement and song. Loads of positive energy and the audience left feeling uplifted. Very funny!

Audience member, Brewery Arts Centre, Kendal about Les Trois Mousquetaires