If you would like to help us to continue our work, please consider making a donation – every pound counts. EVERY donation, no matter how small, will make a difference. 

Here’s what your money could buy:
£1 = 1 colour marker pen, for a child to use in one of our schools’ workshops
£10 = A piece of material, used to make our vibrant costumes which help to bring the stories to life
£100 = Enough education packs to support a whole schools’ tour.  This means that the children will be able to get even more out of our show, learning the songs beforehand and take part in follow-up exercises afterwards
£1,000 = Would cover the cost of our rehearsal space for a brand new show
£10,000 = Would cover the running costs of a 6 week theatre tour

*Don’t forget, if you give us permission to claim Gift Aid on your donation, we can claim an additional 25p per pound at no extra cost to you.  On a gift of £1,000 the Gift Aid alone would cover the cost of distribution of publicity materials for a tour.

It's so easy to make a donation - just click on the DONATE button below and you'll be taken straight to our page on the Localgiving website.

Or if you'd like to make a regular donation, please download the standing order form below.

Thank you, from all of us at TSF, for your support


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