01 September 2020The Golden Conch Shell- your Feedback.

TSF would love to hear your feedback on The Golden Conch Shell. Please send any comments to

Questions for Youngsters

24 September 2019Start Project 2019-20

TSF continue with their 2nd year of a START project in collaboration with Queens Hall Hexham, working with rural schools in West Northumberland and also in Hexham. Schools have already hosted many

21 February 2019Sherlock Holmes

TSF is embarking on a new Sherlock Holmes project targeted at 10-14 year olds, their schools and families. This will be a thrilling production filled with suspense, intrigue and visual sleight of

21 February 2019Brazil - Sao Paulo

John and Sarah just back from Sao Paulo where they met up with Carla Candiotto who was in the early TSF shows - (Candide and Notre Dame de Paris, Conte D'Afrique and also Aladdin et la Lampe