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A Change In The Weather

A Change In The Weather


Théâtre Sans Frontières presented Peter Mortimer's exquisitely crafted tale of humour, heroism and villainy, in a production that is full of colour, extraordinary characters and wickedly funny words.

Deep inside a dark and daunting castle, a truly lazy king gives crazy orders to his sinister servant Croak - "The High Keeper of the Keeping". Outside is a world of eternal sunshine, where nothing has ever changed...


Who is the cool girl who talks to the elements and can achieve what the King and Croak cannot? And why is Queen Lachryma always crying? Follow the mysterious girl's battle with King and Croak as she attempts to bring about A CHANGE IN THE WEATHER 


Director: Sarah Kemp

Set & Costume Design: Cath Hieatt

Composer: Jim Kitson

Lighting Design: Andrew Biscoe

Stage Manager: Thom Lester



Girl: Andrea Puerta

Croak: John Cobb

King: Jim Kitson

Queen: Kat Davison


'A Change in the Weather'  toured to 17 venues across the UK with 25 performances