05 September 2014New Beginnings...

Hello! My name is Mike Edwick and I’m Theatre Sans Frontieres’ new intern. I’ll be here over the next year in my position as Assistant Arts officer, which has kindly been made possible

01 July 2014In rehearsal with Heaven Eyes

The week with TSF was fantastic and very promising! I believe that we are heading for a great autumn and exciting work. The creative team was very inspiring and my actor colleagues were very

04 June 2014Stepping into the world of Heaven Eyes

I had a great time with TSF last week beginning to explore the world of Heaven Eyes. My highlight was the discussion with David Almond. It was fascinating to get a

13 February 2014Creating Le Mystère de St Denis

It was quite the challenge creating Le Mystère de St Denis. It was a different show for everyone involved and I think together we have made something very unique and special. It is