27 September 2012TSF in the Great Boxing Booth Revival Finale


Finally, Paddy Burton and I, after a washed out summer, get to play in the

20 August 2012Last days of Lipsynch

Monday 6 August
Melbourne - café capital of Australia! We meet Christine Grace from old Gaulier days, now ensconced as a film screenwriter, based here in Melbourne. She

17 August 2012Edinburgh Festival

Here's what our Producer, Becci, has been up to at the Edinburgh Festival this week.

It's been a whirlwind four days in Edinburgh - I can't believe I'm halfway through my trip already!

08 August 2012In Melbourne with Lipsynch Part 2

Friday 3 August 2012:
Discussion about Oz way of saying ‘break a leg’. Apparently it's “chookas”, the history of which is that in Australian theatres before the curtain